Planning and Development of an Open Source Emergency Response and Rescue Management System

What is ERRMS?

ERRMS stands for Emergency Response and Rescue Management System - an application for fire departments, humanitarian aid organisations and similar to organise member data, events, operations and other resources.

Work In Progress

We gathered together to develop a software for fire departments and ambulances. We are in a very early stage of the show, setting up resources and starting the actual developing work. You are welcome to contribute. Get in touch with us.

Our Goals

We are creating a fully open source (APGLv3) modular software with a strong focus on data privacy and data security . The tool shall provide feature-rich API for integration with other systems. We are mainly developing for departments in Germany, yet keeping the software multilingual and easy to implement in other juristications.

Core Features


Quick access to all important and current information, next events and planned operations & news.

Membership Administration

Managing members data like personal data, communication details, skills/qualifications and hours worked (timesheets). Member can see and edit own information.

Operation Administration

Add planned operations (e.g. event medical service) - members can sign on / off or being assigned to operations including a technical resources management.

Resource Administration

Management of stock items, allocate items to members and management of vehicles and other technical equipment.

Project Progress to Alpha Release

Current status: Development Process


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